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Marketing Intelligence Links (MiLinks) is a full-service marketing consulting firm that provides customers with information relevant to a company‚Äôs marketability by gathering and analyzing specifically for the purpose of a company to make confident and accurate market entrance decision.  

MiLinks help company decision-makers in determining market opportunity, market penetration strategy, and market development strategy.  We at MiLinks believe marketing intelligence is necessary when entering a foreign market, including U.S. Government market.

Our team of skilled and experienced experts in market research has a deep understanding of market trends and market direction for specific products. Our ability to make complex market situation easy to understand benefits our customers in obtaining the information needed to make effective and successful marketing decisions.  In order to achieve this, we work with our customers from the very beginning to understand specific needs and customize their product in specific market regions.

Why MiLinks

  • Clients First
    MiLinks was established on the business philosophy that we treat our Client businesses as if it were our own.
  • Excellence
    By putting our clients first in our business philosophy, MiLinks has become a trusted partner for clients, as well as for partner companies.
  • Businesses with Synergy
    Our clients benefit greatly from synergies we create for client businesses and business partnerships.
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