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What is the AbilityOne Program?

The AbilityOne Program is the largest single provider of employment for people who are blind or have other severe disabilities—currently employing more than 40,000 individuals with severe disabilities, at more than 600 community-based nonprofit agencies across the country.  

What are the benefits for you in the AbilityOne Program?

As a foreign company and having relatively low brand recognition, you would face numerous barriers to the U.S. market entry. Setting up its own manufacturing facility, warehousing, technical service and marketing manpower in the U.S will take a long time to set up at large cost. Taking advantage of the AbilityOne Program, you can sell its unfinished goods to the NISH/NIB Affiliate NPA and the company will manufacture through its disabled employees and sell to the U.S. government and commercial market with favorable government incentive. 

Furthermore, because it is a Government sponsored program, there is a Federal law that requires the Federal Government to buy products and services from participating nonprofit agencies (NPAs) through NISH or NIB purchasing power of the Federal Government. This enables the AbilityOne Program suppliers to be a priority source of supply for Federal customers.

AbilityOne Program Process


MiLinks’ AbilityOne Program Specialist will lead all project process that will take 12 to 14 months from coordinating with NISH/NIB and NPA’s to finalizing partnership agreement through its strong networks and expertise. Please visit our Case Studies for more information.

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